About Us

We are a team of experienced founders, engineers, designers, and boating enthusiasts.  We have a track record of simplifying complex real-world problems, and bringing innovative ideas to life.  Through our shared experience in creating and scaling successful businesses, we are committed to building the future of clean-tech high performance boating.

Mike has a passion for boating, clean energy, and building businesses to solve tough problems.  He completed a Ph.D. in robotics, and brings the enthusiasm for intelligent systems and performance optimization to all of his work.  In his previous venture as cofounder of Aeryon Labs, he led the development of an industry leading autonomous drone system.  

Jerry Mailloux, VP Engineering

Building high quality products that make a difference in the world is Jerry’s passion.  Prior to co-founding enVgo, Jerry worked at BlackBerry where he played a role in building the first BlackBerry smartphone.  Jerry also worked at Aeryon Labs where he led the engineering team building flying robots.  Outside of work, Jerry enjoys spending time with his family, playing with his dog and working outdoors. 

Michael Tribou, Principal System Architect

Turning advanced theoretical ideas into successful practical robotics implementations is what Michael does best. The combination of a Ph.D. in robotics and computer vision, as well as a wealth of practical experience enable him to solve complex problems in overly-constrained solution spaces. Michael worked at Aeryon Labs as Systems Architect, responsible for designing and maintaining the world-class flight and gimbal control systems on the SkyRanger aircraft. 

Paul's expertise is in technology and product development. He's always looking for ways to make his team more efficient and competitive by mixing his engineering background with his business skills. He has held many roles in Engineering, Project Management, and Supply Chain Management, most recently at Aeryon Labs (later FLIR Systems, Teledyne Technologies) and BlackBerry Inc.  Paul loves being active outdoors, has a passion for sports, and enjoys time with his wife and two kids.  

April is a roboticist, inventor, and innovator. She has a passion for designing, building, and researching new ways to get smart platforms to do what they are uniquely capable of doing. She brings a unique blend of both autonomous system design and business leadership with a focus on business strategy and entrepreneurship.  April has been working in the field of Computer Vision for over 14 years and has been instrumental in developing the Aeryon Labs' drone's autonomous capabilities. She is an avid cyclist and can usually be found cycling the streets or riding the local trail systems.

Pete comes to enVgo with a proven track record in sales and business development. Prior to enVgo, he served as Vice President of International Sales for FLIR/Aeryon, where he was responsible for the sales teams and their channel partners across Europe and Asia. Pete joined Aeryon in its formative years, establishing and building sales and market growth through to Aeryon’s acquisition by FLIR. Prior to Aeryon, Pete worked at BlackBerry for several years within the scope of Business Development and Alliance partnerships.  Outside of work, Pete and his family enjoy spending quality time camping and getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

From his role as CEO of Aeryon Labs, Dave brings a wealth of business development experience as a strategic advisor.  Dave led Aeryon through over $60M of investment, and ultimately a C$265M exit to FLIR Systems.  Dave enjoys spending time with his young family camping and hiking, and when Dave is not flying drones, he enjoys getting himself airborne by flying his paramotor.