We are a technology company enabling electrification of the boating world  

What we do

We are creating a revolutionary electric hydrofoiling experience for boating enthusiasts. Say goodbye to traditional powerboats with their disruptive wake, limited electric alternatives, and the constant worry of collisions. Our cutting-edge solution provides an exhilarating flying experience, combining high speed and pure fun. Equipped with intelligent avoidance features, enVgo ensures a worry-free journey while leaving no wake.

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We add smart features to marine platforms to ease overload on the operator so that they can focus on what is important to them.  Our extensive combined 50 years of experience in delivering cutting edge autonomous systems in aerospace and the ground transportation industry can be leveraged through the complete product lifecycle to accelerate your projects.


Transitioning to electric powered watercraft requires a rethinking of most marine propulsion systems.  Reducing drag, transferring power effectively, and overall performance can be optimized to provide the best experience on the water. Let our team of engineers help you with the task of balancing these trade-offs and delivering the best propulsion system to meet your needs.

Electric Drive

At the heart of the marine powertrain is the electric engine which must produce the optimal mix of power and performance for the propulsion system.  We offer well thought out designs and optimizations that deliver the right combination of power to thrust for each individual use case.

Battery Design

We design complete battery solutions for the marine space that incorporate the latest technology improvements found in the electric vehicle market.  Our experienced team has developed battery modules for many applications ranging from small airborne aircraft to the automotive industry that operate in complex operating environments.

User Interface

The display and user interface are critical touchpoints with the operator and set the tone of the overall boating experience.  We have multiple years of experience in developing User Interfaces for pilots in control, mapping, and navigation that are simple to use and yet deliver the most relevant information they require when they need it most.

Control Systems

With new design comes new control paradigms ranging from joystick controls to complete fly-by-wire solutions.  With our extensive history of working on "impossible" control challenges from varied domains let us help you with your design, development, and deployment of a control system uniquely suited for your solution.

Who we are

Our team has a background as founder and technology leaders with a strong track record of design, developing, and bringing to market, complex and multidisciplinary engineering solutions to real-world problems.  Through our shared experience building complex products and successful businesses, we have developed an excellent team dynamic, and have been building on that experience as we bring new members onto the team.

Why us?

Technically, our experience in the design and development of efficient and autonomous flight control systems is directly applicable to the challenge of controlling and optimizing the performance of electric boats.  We have common goals of applying our technology and business experience to solve your real world problems, and we have aligned that drive for innovation with our passion for boating while protecting our natural environment.