Electrifying Recreational Boating  

We are creating a revolutionary experience of electric flight over the water for boating enthusiasts. Our cutting-edge hydrofoil designs provide an exhilarating flying experience, combining high speed, comfort, and advanced safety systems. ENVGO ensures a high performance experience while leaving no wake.  Say goodbye to traditional powerboats with their trail of gas emissions, disruptive wake, and frequent trips to the fuel dock. 

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Innovation & Flight

ENVGO's approach to electric boat design extends well beyond simply replacing combustion engines with electric motors.  We believe in a future of boating with clean energy that requires a fresh and innovative design of all components, starting with the hull, foils, and propulsion systems.

Our hydrofoil designs are first optimized for efficiency and high speed performance through computer simulated models.  We then test each design in a full range of real world conditions, to ensure the ultimate experience of smooth electric flight, over a glassy lake or choppy waves.

Safety & Simplicity

ENVGO's cutting-edge autonomy systems elevate the hydrofoiling experience with safety and simplicity. Designed with an intuitive interface, these sensing and control systems ensure a seamless interaction between the captain, the vessel, and the environment. 

Our flight control technology makes the hydrofoil experience as effortless as it is thrilling. Whether you're navigating through serene waters or flying over a choppy lake, ENVGO's autonomy systems keep you in command and in comfort.  Experience the future of boating with ENVGO, where safety meets simplicity and elegant design.

Pure Electric 

The future of boating is clean, fast, and electric.

At the heart of the ENVGO powertrain are the motor, battery, and electronic control systems.  Our custom components and integrated designs produce the optimal mix of power and efficiency for the full range of boating experience, from slow cruising to fast flight.  

User Experience

ENVGO's designs provide a clean and simple interface to the sophisticated navigation and flight control systems of the hydrofoil and electric drivetrain.  

Safety, ease of use and intuitive interface design are part of our DNA, and reflected in the ENVGO pilot experience.